Your attention shapes your reality

December 13, 2021

If you've never watched this video, watch it now before reading further. It's a psychology classic.

Doh! Did you see it?

More than half of people miss the obvious.

It's not a bad thing.

In fact, selective attention is needed to finish a task in a timely manner. It allows you to filter out information that's not relevant to the matter, in this case counting the number of passes made by the white team.

People focus their attention only on what interests them and ignore the rest. That's why you don't text while driving. 🙂

What this experiment shows is that we only see what we choose to see. Depending on how expansive your beliefs are, your perception adjusts the lens we view the world through.

In an increasingly noisy world, how do you stay focused on your vision of growing your family while tuning out the chatter that only distracts or demoralizes you, pulling you further away from your goal?

Your attention is a limited resource. Learn to direct it to create the life you want.

Remove ALL distractions by assessing where you get negative messaging about your fertility. 

This includes doctors, family, friends, online fertility forums, blogs, social media, and any other source that conditions you to believe that it will be difficult for you to have a healthy baby. 

Your beliefs are usually a mirror of what others tell you.  If you believe that you will have a difficult time having a healthy baby, I can guarantee to you it’s because you’ve been fed that lie by those very people and those sources that you have placed your trust in. 

You are not born into this world believing that your fertility declines at 35 or 40 years old.  We are told that by people who we have and therefore we believe it.

So it’s up to you to choose what YOU want to believe - do you want to believe in your body and yourself or give your power away to others?

You have to be very intentional about removing these negative influences because they directly affect your fertility.  

It may seem selfish but be willing to remove these from your life.  They only serve to distract you from your vision.   They also program your subconscious with fear-based messaging which will sabotage you unconsciously.

Expose yourself only to information and people who uplift and benefit you.  You will notice an immediate shift to feeling and thinking more positively.

Image: Unsplash/Elena Taranenko