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Having a healthy baby in your late 30s or 40s requires you to get creative.  Literally.

Using powerful energy and manifestation techniques while grounded in the physical aspects of improving health gives you your best chance of success.  GUARANTEED.


Let me explain...

What do you see in the line below?



You probably said you see a dot.  You're correct.  There IS a dot.

Most women focus on the dot.

Let's say that dot represents your chances of getting pregnant.  Most people, including 99% of fertility specialists will tell you that dot gets smaller as you age.

But what else is there?

That white space around the dot is the field of infinite possibilities where I will help you to go...

  • Where you can improve your egg quality
  • Where your spirit baby is
  • Where your future lies

The average age of my clients is 42. The eldest I successfully treated was 47.

Whether you're getting pregnant naturally or with fertility treatments, including IVF, IUI or donor egg treatment, here's what you can do now to attract your baby waiting for you within the quantum field...

Step 1...Your first step to improving your fertility is to enter your name and email below for the 10 Day Fertility Transformation.

You'll receive an email for 10 consecutive days with tips to lead you towards optimal health for greater fertility.  Make this your motto...GET HEALTHY TO GET PREGNANT.

Implement the tips in my emails and you'll see improvement over time.

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Improve egg quality and ovarian reserve in your 30s AND 40s!


Step 2...Download the first 5 chapters of my book "Cracking the Egg Myth: Proven Ways to Improve Egg Quality" here to learn why and how to improve egg quality.

Step 3...You're ready to work directly with me?  Email me here with a brief summary of your fertility journey and where you live.  Sometimes emails get swallowed up by the email fairies so if you don't hear back from me within 24 business hours, email me directly at Julie(at)

I love working with clients around the world to grow their families!

In the meantime, stay in touch via my Facebook page and private group.