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Embark on an innovative three phase journey to manifest your spirit baby. 

Phase 1: Clear

Remove negative thoughts and beliefs blocking you from your baby.

Allow your soul to guide your motherhood journey, rather than being led by your doubts, fear, anxiety, impatience, negative beliefs, and/or past wounds and trauma.  Align your heart and mind to create a clear path to your baby.   

Phase 2: Create

Step into the person you are meant to be.

Create a new identity based on your vision. Many refuse to see themselves as a mother until the proof shows up in physical form. However, manifestation follows thought. You have to think and believe yourself a mother first BEFORE your physical reality catches up to your desires and materializes them.  This program will show you how you become the future version of yourself now.

Phase 3: Connect

Communicate with your baby BEFORE conception.

Connect with your spirit baby. This is where the proof that your baby exists can be found before the physical manifestation is in your arms. To stay motivated on the motherhood journey, there is nothing more invigorating than to be able to connect with them as easily as picking up a phone.  This program guides you to communicate with your baby to help conception..

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