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Your intense desire to have a baby has already called in a soul to be your child.  Consider that done.  Your baby is in the wings waiting to come in.

Using my Spirit Baby method™, you connect with your spirit baby for guidance on how to manifest them in your physical reality.

I will show you how you can do this, regardless of your age...even in your 40s.

My approach, while 100% natural, is entirely unconventional.  My clients manifest their baby within realms not normally possible by connecting with their spirit babies and the Divine.

What happens when you follow or work with me?

  • First, we create a solid foundation for a healthy body for your baby’s soul.  That includes nutrition, supplements, and lifestyle changes.  
  • Then, the fun part begins...Using my Spirit Baby method™, you communicate with your spirit baby.  You might see them, hear them, or feel them.  
  • You also connect with the Divine, your angels, and your spirit guides.  They provide guidance on your next steps to calling in your baby.  Don't worry if you're not religious (I'm not either!) because they exist for every single person - no exceptions.
  • You feel loved and supported, knowing that you have a spiritual support team and me helping you every step along the way.
  • You trust in yourself and your body without needing to “try” so hard.  
  • You activate your inner Magician to create the life you dream of.

As you do the work to create ease and flow (that sounds like a paradox, I know), everything just falls into place as you co-create with the forces influencing your motherhood journey.

Whether you're getting pregnant naturally or with fertility treatments, including IVF, IUI, or donor egg treatment, here's what you can do now to attract your baby waiting for you in the Spirit world...

Step 1...Enter your name and email below for the 10 Day Fertility Transformation.

You'll receive an email for 10 consecutive days with tips to call in your baby.

10 Days to Manifest Your Baby Starts Here!

Have Your Healthy Baby in your 30s AND 40s!

Step 2...Continue to follow me and implement my guidance to optimize your success.
It doesn't matter what your age, diagnosis, or past history is, this can work for you if you consistently implement what I teach.  I share everything you need to have a healthy baby so commit to doing the work.

Step 3 (Optional)...Work with me one on one.
You're ready to connect with your spirit baby and spirit guides AND want me to hold your hand until your baby holds yours.  I work with only a few people at a time in my 1-1 exclusive conception concierge program where we co-create with the Universe to bring in your baby.  This is truly teamwork at its core.

To be considered to work with me 1-1, ALL of the below must apply to you:

  • You are clear and unwavering in your vision to have a healthy baby.  Because of that focus, you are decisive and an action taker.
  • You have no doubt that you can get pregnant with a healthy baby despite what your doctors have told you, your age (even if you’re in your 40s), past history (pregnancy losses, failed medicated treatments), or diagnosis (low AMH, diminished ovarian reserve, early menopause). 
  • You are in a happy, supportive relationship with your partner.  
  • If you do not have a partner, you must be happy with your life as it is now.  If desired, we can call in your soulmate also.
  • You will do what it takes to make it happen. This requires 100% unconditional commitment to making the necessary changes.  You must be willing to do anything and everything recommended. That includes meditating, changing your nutrition (including eating meat, if guided to), taking supplements, and adjusting your lifestyle. Adaptations are only allowed when they are inconsequential to outcome.  Religion, diet, and philosophies are out the window.  This is a do-anything approach but everything is natural.
  • You will listen to me as your primary fertility advisor, even if you are working with IVF doctors.  
  • Money cannot be a factor because you must already be in an abundant state of mind.

Working with me 1-1 is NOT for you if ANY of the below apply to you:

  • You are not a spiritual person or closed to the idea of something beyond our physical world.  My process will not work for you.
  • You are unhappy with life and having a baby is your only source of joy.  Your neediness blocks you from success.
  • You are going to do medical procedures without my approval.  Going against my direct recommendations when you have hired me to help you is a form of self-sabotage.  
  • Vegetarians or vegans not willing to eat animal products during pre-conception and pregnancy phases. You need to be able to use every resource available for your success.

Here’s How It Works 

First, you’ll need to email me here with the following information:

  • Name
  • Age
  • Brief summary of your situation
  • Where you live
  • Your general availability for a Zoom call

Once submitted, your information will be reviewed within 24 business hours. I will decide if we are a good match. 

If we are not, I’ll let you know honestly.  

If I think we MIGHT be a good match, we’ll schedule a call to see if we really are.  You will not be pressured or hassled.  If you want in, great.  If not, no worries.  Either way is fine.

Sometimes emails are lost so if you don't hear back from me within 24 business hours, email me directly at Julie(at)

I love working with clients around the world to grow their families!

In the meantime, stay in touch via my Facebook page and private group.