What that tightness you feel when you think about TTC means…

November 12, 2021

For most women, the fertility journey is initially an expansive process where you're excited about the future and what's to come. That's the ideal space to create your baby from.

However, over time, with each disappointment of seeing Aunt Flo, it starts to feel contractive where the anxiety and doubt can literally feel like a tight sensation in your body, maybe in your heart or abdominal area.

When you feel that constriction, it's a physical manifestation of your energy slowing and becoming blocked. If it goes on long enough, it can prevent you from getting pregnant or staying pregnant.

Energy should be free flowing and moving smoothly without restriction throughout your body.

To chisel away at the negative thoughts and feelings causing these energetic blockages which slow or even prevent your baby from transitioning from Spirit to this world takes awareness of what's going on in your head.

There's no panacea or magic bullet providing an instant cure. It's a process of diligence, consistency, and patience with the belief that your efforts will be rewarded.

Image: Unsplash/Hal Gatewood