What KISS means on your fertility journey

June 23, 2021

Ever heard of KISS?  No, I'm not talking about what you get from your partner.

Rather, it's an acronym...

"Keep it simple, stupid."

I'm not calling you "stupid" so don't shoot the messenger!

However, the principle I want to share is to keep your fertility journey as simple as possible.

In 20+ years of working with clients, I've noticed that many overthink their fertility journey and therefore overcomplicate it. Countless hours are spent on the internet, going down endless rabbit holes looking for the answer to their prayers.

What if I told you to stick with a few simple principles?

Things that you should be doing anyway, whether or not you're trying to get pregnant. These are foundational elements to a healthy, thriving body.

The difference is that you'll be consistent with these healthy practices...

  • Nutrition - eat the most whole, nutrient-dense unprocessed foods you can get your hands on
  • Exercise - move your butt everyday because what's on the front side? Your ovaries and uterus. They need more blood than they're getting from sitting in a chair all day.
  • Supplements - take a high-quality prenatal and CoQ10. Anything else is optional for most women.
  • Reduce stress - whatever that means for you like a hot bath, a walk, exercise, read a book, make love (this is highly recommended considering what your goal is 🙂 )
  • Meditate - your life will change with just a few minutes a day of focusing on your breath

While there are admittedly more details that can go into each category, if you just stuck with that, you will be more than adequately preparing for a healthy baby.

The ability to be a mother and have a healthy child are already inside of you. They have ALWAYS been a part of you, lying dormant physically until puberty when your ovaries woke up and emotionally when you became ready to grow your family.

The knowledge is within you and has been all along - wisdom that is written into your very DNA.

To access that information requires an open mind, patient spirit, and compassionate heart, NOT going online to ask Dr. Google which allows your ego to rule from fear, doubt, and anxiety.

The true challenge on this path is not to get more information, it is to accept your journey as it is now.

In doing so, you won't be pushing against your situation but rather receiving all that comes to you, including the (sometimes challenging) inner expansion you're being guided to in order to call your baby in.

A consistent spiritual practice helps you tap into this innate knowing of what's the best course of action and to leverage these invisible energies that are working behind the scenes to make your dream come true.

If you want a guide by your side to clear the path for you, email Julie here with a brief summary of your fertility journey and where you live. My rates start at US$500 per month.

Image: Pixabay/Bruno/Germany