The very simple answer to “When can a woman no longer get pregnant?”

June 2, 2021

When do you know a girl can get pregnant? When she gets her first period. It doesn't matter how often it comes after that, you now know that it's possible.

As a parent, if you've never started praying, that's probably when you start..."Please don't get pregnant. Please don't get pregnant."

If you apply that same logic at the other end of the spectrum, the question become...when does a woman's ability to get pregnant end?

The answer is when her period stops at menopause.

Huh. Doesn't that just make sense?

So all this fuss about low AMH and what doctors say is or is not possible does not negate that truth. They're just distractions. As long as you stay focused on what's not possible, you're going to remain where you are.

However, if your ovaries are releasing eggs on a fairly regular schedule, you can get pregnant. It's your job to make sure they, and really your entire body, are as healthy as possible to support a healthy baby.

Why are you so willing to give your power away to these arbitrary social edicts when your body is clearly telling you that it's fully possible?

Stop doing that and get your power back. That would be a simple and powerful course correction on your fertility journey.

Note: I have helped women delay menopause and get pregnant even without periods so even that's surmountable.

Image: Unsplash/Engin Akyurt