The Importance Of This Routine When TTC

For many, a morning cup of joe is part of their routine.  This article talks about if caffeine can affect your chances of getting pregnant.

There's something soothing and grounding about preparing that cup.  Ritualistic in that it signals the start of a new day.  It's almost meditative in the repetition of the same steps.

Routines are extremely important for our body and mind.  We process so much information every second that having routines to anchor us is needed to prevent decision fatigue.

Can you imagine how exhausting it would be if there wasn't a certain level of predictability in your day?  To have to make a decision of what to do next at every turn?

Unpredictability = stress

A certain amount is needed to keep life interesting.  But too much and life seems out of control, unmanageable.  And that's REALLY stressful.

When you're trying to get pregnant, it may seem like your body is out of your control.

Yes, you may not be able to control the outcome but you CAN control the journey on your way to reaching your goal of a healthy baby, no matter what age you are.

I recommend creating a morning routine to set your intentions for the day and as part of your self-care regimen.

Starting with a 10-15 minute meditation should be the very minimum to set your energetic antennae to a receptive frequency where you allow good things to flow into your life.

With a meditation as your base, add anything else that makes you happy...whether that's a morning walk, sitting in the sun with a cup of tea or coffee, or reading a chapter out of a book.  The point is that the happier you are in the moment, the more wonderful things and people are put in your path.