Natural Fertility Workshops for Your Patients

Are you a RE or other fertility professional who wants to provide that extra help your patients are probably already looking for?

Something that will help increase your success rate AND retention rate.

Either through research or word of mouth, you know there are possible natural strategies to increase your patients' success and empower them to have more control over the IVF process.

However, you probably don't know who to turn to for valid information on natural ways to complement your protocols.

  • Dr. Google offers (at best) questionable information that may actually decrease your patients' success.  The advice is mostly unverifiable, spread by bloggers with no clinical or professional experience.
  • You've seen or heard the myriad of supplements that your patients are taking but are unsure of their efficacy.  Many of which are trendy but are not research-backed.
  • You see first-hand the emotional turmoil your patients go through and know that it negatively affects their chances.   You would like to better equip them to handle the stress.
  • You want to use research-backed strategies to increase your success and retention rates.  You know that retention is important for better odds yet you're not sure how to provide your patients with the hope they need to keep moving forward.

Let me help you...

As a holistic clinician specializing in natural fertility strategies since 2000, I have helped women over 35 years of age get pregnant with a healthy baby.

I've had demonstrable success with women into  their 40s who have been diagnosed with diminished ovarian reserve and low AMH.  You can see some of my successes here.

Let me help you help your patients become more successful!

I know that you've dedicated your life to helping women create the family of your dreams.  But your time and resources are limited.

I can provide in-person and online workshops for your clients on natural ways to increase the success of their IVF cycles.

I teach nutrition, supplements, and lifestyle changes that support fertility.  All methods work synergistically with your protocols to promote well-being of the body, spirit, and mind.

You know your patients are always looking for the magic pill. Let it be done with the guidance of an experienced clinician who wants to work with you for all of our mutual benefit.

To discuss further a future collaboration, please call (eight-five-eight) 495-0771 or submit your contact information here.