Fertility Meditation

A set of 3 Guided meditations to support you on your fertility journey


A set of 3 separate guided meditations to support you through the different phases of your fertility cycle, whether you’re trying to get pregnant naturally, with IVF (including donors and surrogates), or with inseminations.

Created and recorded by Julie Chang, Natural Fertility Eggspurt – each meditation has 4 sections crafted to flow seamlessly into a 10-11 minute guidance.

  • Begin with a relaxation to prepare your physical and spiritual body for maximum receptivity to the messaging.
  • Next, clear your heart to receive pure love.  In order to align you to your desire, the negative emotions that cloud your heart must be dispelled or they will continue to block you from receiving the purest love of all – the love from a baby.
  • With a heart of light, you can then prepare your body to nurture your precious gift.  The 3 meditations have a theme to tie them all together so, for best results, listen to them all at the appropriate time.
  • Finally, visualize the reality that you envision to overcome the reality that currently is.

These meditations are designed to quiet the voices of doubt and fear so that your inner desire can keep you sure-footed and confident on your path.  For that reason, there is no background music to distract you from focusing on creating your reality.

Listen to each recording upon waking in the morning, when your mind is most open to the messaging.

To benefit faster, listen for a second session after work to release the masculine, aggressive energy of your job and to transition you into the receptive feminine energy of being a woman, connected to your body and more specifically, your womb.

The 3 meditation are to be listened at these times:

  • I Release – during your period
  • I Create – after your period ends and before ovulation or egg retrieval with IVF or insemination
  • I Connect – after ovulation or embryo transfer or insemination during the 2 week wait

Boost the effects with aromatherapy by spraying your immediate area with Fertility Spray.

Note: Download links expire 7 days after purchase.  Please download the 3 files to your devices before then!

Listen to the sample of “I Release” below for use during your period:

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