Herbal Castor Oil

Cleanse, detox, heal, and improve blood flow to ovaries & uterus


This unique castor oil contains Chinese herbs to cleanse, detox, heal, and improve blood flow to your ovaries, and uterus.

Chinese herbs have been used therapeutically for thousands of years to boost fertility and optimize reproductive health.

1) Apply oil directly onto your lower abdomen, under belly button.
2) Place paper towel over oiled area.
3) Put non-electrical heating pad over towel for 30-60 minutes. If needed, add additional towels to adjust heat to a comfortable level to avoid burning skin.
4) When done, wipe off excess oil and rub remaining castor oil into skin.

Can be used daily after menstruation and before ovulation, embryo transfer, or insemination. Do not use after embryo transfer, insemination, or ovulation if you think you may be pregnant.

Each 2 oz bottle contains: Organic Castor Oil, Isopropyl Alcohol, Mugwort Leaf, Ginger, Cinnamon, Szechual Pepper Fruit, Cayenne Pepper, White Mustard Seed

Get the Castor Oil Kit for everything you need to start this rejuvenating home therapy.

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