Fertility Bracelet

Wear this bracelet as a daily reminder to stay positive on your journey towards motherhood.


This powerful bracelet contains 6mm semi-precious gemstones renowned for their fertility and hormonal regulating effects.  It also includes lava stones to absorb essential oils when used with our Fertility Spray.

This stretch bracelet measures 7.5 inches to fit all wrist sizes and comes in a black organza gift pouch.

Moonstone – Balances the hormonal system and powerfully affects the female reproductive cycle
Moss Agate – Regulates menstrual and fertility cycle to support a healthy pregnancy
Botswana Agate – Promotes fertility
Carnelian – Increases fertility
Lava Stones – Absorbs essential oils while providing healing, grounding, and protection

How to use your bracelet:

Sit in a quiet, peaceful space while holding your bracelet in both hands. Take 3 deep breaths, inhaling through your nose and exhaling slowly and completely through your mouth…releasing all tension, doubt, and fear.  On your third exhalation say in your mind, or out loud, your intention. Take a moment to visualize yourself pregnant and feel the emotions you expect to feel when pregnant – unconditional love, joy, excitement.

Place your bracelet on your left wrist (your yin or receiving side) and close the ritual by saying “and so it is”.  Keep your bracelet on all day.

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