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  • After 3 failed IUI’s and 3 IVF procedures, my husband and I were devastated! I started looking into natural ways to get pregnant because something inside of me believed that we could conceive naturally. After 8 months of focus with Julie’s help, on getting healthy, we were able to conceive naturally at 42 yr. old. We now have a healthy girl!

    Christina C 42yo
  • Julie was instrumental in helping me have not only one child, but TWO! After hiring a surrogate mother in India and going through several rounds of IUI treatments both before and after our first child, I decided to get help from Julie. She calls me her unicorn because I haven’t had a period since I was 21 years old (yes, really!). With Julie’s help, my period never came back but somehow I got pregnant anyway at 39 years old. Again, my period didn’t return after my first baby so I went back to Julie. She helped me have my second baby at 41 years old. Both are beautiful, healthy girls. Each day I am reminded of how blessed I am to have found Julie. Without her guidance and expertise, I do not know that we would ever have children of our own naturally. This holistic process is mind-changing and requires a lifestyle change that resulted in two children for us.

    Melanie 41yo
  • After 4 miscarriages and 2 failed IVF attempts over 3 years, I finally got pregnant with Julie’s help. I offer you my warmest thanks for the care, understanding, and ultimate success you gave me. You have added immeasurably to our family, and to our happiness; there aren’t words for my gratitude.

    Martha Clay
  • We tried 5 rounds of clomid with no success. We were feeling very frustrated that nothing was working. Over 4 years had passed since my first miscarriage, so we decided to work with Julie in conjunction with fertility treatments. We believe without a doubt that we would not have our twins today if it weren’t for Julie’s expertise in fertility issues. We only wish we had found her sooner!

  • I feel I can share my story because I am 3 weeks from my due date and I am ecstatic!!! I’m now 43 years old and my little girl will be here any day and I am so thankful for finding Julie!

    Anonymous 43yo
  • Doctors told me that I couldn’t conceive naturally. After working with Julie I was pregnant at the first try with IVF. I still can´t believe it and it feels like a miracle, but - now we have a happy and healthy little son. I would definitely recommend Julie as she has so much experience, helped me to think positive and is an awesome person!

    Stefanie V.
  • I came to Julie with a history of recurrent pregnancy losses, one at an early gestational age and another one ended with still birth at 32 weeks of gestation. And for unknown causes I had 4 years of secondary infertility after the pregnancy losses. Numerous OBGYN doctors kept telling me that everything was fine, however, no pregnancy in sight... With Julie’s help, I was finally able to give birth to a healthy baby girl.

  • My husband and I experienced 5 miscarriages in a row for the past 2-1/2 years. My OB/Gyn and infertility dr had no answers, except to keep trying. Working with Julie, we became pregnant! We were so excited but nervous all at the same time. I am happy to say we now have a healthy girl. I believe in what Julie has to offer. We have been blessed with a second miracle in our life. Thank you all for you kindness and well wishes for us and wish nothing but the best for all the people who want to be blessed with a little miracle themselves.

  • Based on our age (I was 40 at the time, my husband 47) and our diagnosis – diminished ovarian reserve/premature ovarian failure (AMH 0.7) and mild male factor infertility (decreased motility, volume, morphology) - our doctor cautioned us about our chances of getting pregnant. We were told that, given my age we would have a much better chance, using donor eggs. Not ready to take this step – we decided to give it a try using my own eggs. After one failed IUI and one IVF that ended in an early miscarriage, I had a hard time dealing with the emotional stress of going through the treatments, then getting pregnant only to lose the pregnancy again, but at the same time I felt that at the very least I could get pregnant, and that there was room for improvement. I started looking into additional options that could increase our chances. Talking to Julie, I decided to give her program a try. After years of struggling with infertility we finally were pregnant! I am 38 weeks now, waiting for our miracle to arrive!

    A+M 40yo
  • . . . .

    Kelly Smith 43yo
  • Dr. Chang is amazing. I was a bit skeptical at first but she helped me to get pregnant.. I am so grateful to her for everything!

    Bridget 38yo
  • "I am writing this to thank you for helping me create something really special, my little son. I remember the first couple years, when I started with my fertility doctor, it was a tumultuous road (6 IUI, 2 IVF cycles back to back) but after stepping back, getting myself in check, working with you and some (maybe) miracle, (like the moons aligning), I was lucky to finally become pregnant with the third IVF cycle. I believe in your practice and much of what you preach to women like me all over. I believe it really did help me create this child so Thank You."

    Elise O. December, 2018
  • I am officially pregnant!! I have to thank you so much for all the information & advice you've given me over the past few months. I truly believe it made a huge difference. I believe that following a lot of your advice has been the game changer! You've saved my husband & I thousands of dollars that would've gone to IVF. Thank you for restoring my belief that at age 40 & after 2 losses, that i could conceive naturally & have a successful pregnancy! Thank you & God bless you for everything you're doing for so many women just like me.

    Leshawn W. 40yo
  • Thank You! (James was conceived when his mom, a client of ours, was in her 41st year).

    Anonymous 41 YO
  • Thanks!

    Erica Fox
  • I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to share with you the end of our story on this long journey of 5 years.

    At 35, I was diagnosed with very low ovarian reserve. My reserve was from a 50 year old woman - that was the most devastating news I ever had. That was the start of a very painful roller coaster journey, trying to find all the medical treatments to achieve our baby.

    I also had scar tissue problems after a surgery that caused very thin uterine lining plus my husband had low normal sperm count. Everything was wrong and almost impossible to believe that some day will happen naturally.

    We tried 15 fertility clinics in San Diego and Mexico. Most of the doctors didn’t give us any kind of hope. Basically they said we need egg donor since that was the only way they can do anything for us. But that wasn’t an option for me.

    One of the treatments I did was...month by month I had an egg retrieved to bank embryos because the hormone treatments didn’t work for me. It took me one year to have 3 embryos that were transferred. When they didn’t work again, I was lost.

    In that process I found you and you give me a glimmer of hope. You told me we just need one!!! You showed me how to treat my body by eating well and changing my mindset.

    It took me 3 years. I continued with your program taking all the supplements, eating well, and of course praying to God that some day our dream can come true. It was not easy because I’ve seen the time passing and nothing happened, but I never gave up because I didn’t have anything else to lose so I just continued…

    3 years after working with you and after 5 years diagnosed with 50 year old woman ovarian reserve, and turning 40 , I thought that’s never going to happen but it happened, I got pregnant naturally.

    I truly believe that God answered my prayers but he gave us the right road to find you in the middle of this process that was impossible with traditional medicine.

    Thank you, Julie! Thank you because you helped us and I hope that this story can help other woman that are in the middle of this hard road.

    It is never too late."

    Caroline, 40yo

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