June 5, 2010- San Diego Channel 6 News interviews Julie Chang and fertility doctor, Dr. Lila Schmidt.

Reproductive endocrinologists and reproductive specialists are seeing that acupuncture successfully treats male and female infertility and is a safe fertility treatment alternative to traditional medical procedures for couples desiring a family. Fertility acupuncture in women promotes improved blood flow to the uterus which results in better egg quality and more stable implantation of the fertilized egg.

Dr Lila Schmidt has partnered with Julie Chang because she has seen her own patients become pregnant at higher rates and maintain their pregnancies better by using this alternative treatment in combination with or in preparation for IVF and insemination.




June 2006 – San Diego Channel 10 News interviews Julie Chang and reproductive endocrinologist Dr. Seth Katz. Treatments such as insemination and IVF (in vitro fertilization) can be successful but can also be painful, lengthy and very expensive.

Fertility acupuncture can be used alone or in conjunction with medical procedures. Acupuncture increases blood flow to reproductive organs and reduces stress - both of which are crucial to beginning and maintaining a healthy pregnancy. Couples looking for alternative fertility treatments will be surprised at the low cost of acupuncture especially as compared with the more common IVF and insemination procedures.

March 21, 2011 - NBC San Diego News interviews Julie Chang and fertility doctor, Dr. Arlene Morales. “One in six couples will experience undiagnosed and inexplicable infertility.”  Couples can be encouraged that studies have shown fertility acupuncture results in medically recognized success.

Fertility acupuncturist Julie Chang explains that acupuncture can be an excellent fertility alternative for couples seeking a more natural and less invasive route to successful pregnancy. Fertility acupuncture focuses on getting the body healthy and in balance so it’s ready to conceive.

Dr Arlene Morales explains that medical professionals acknowledge that acupuncture results in improved blood flow, stress reduction and the release of neurotransmitters which support having and maintaining healthy pregnancies.

Zoe Hughes became a patient of Julie Chang after suffering two miscarriages. During her third pregnancy, her doctors worried she might have another miscarriage so Zoe began fertility acupuncture with Julie Chang. She felt an immense relief of stress through these treatments but the best result was a healthy baby girl.

February 12, 2012 - San Diego Channel 6 New interviews Julie Chang. Male fertility has been decreasing over the years.  A new study shows that radio frequency signals in WiFi may affect male fertility.

Most male infertility cannot be treated with traditional medical procedures but acupuncture has proven to actually improve sperm quality. As an alternative fertility treatment, acupuncture for treating male or female infertility helps couples conceive quicker and more naturally.

As a safeguard to prevent damage caused by WiFi signals, men are encouraged to utilize a physical barrier such as a pillow or a desk between their laps and their computer devices. Julie Chang has successfully treated many men dealing with impaired sperm quality.