Do This One (Surprising) Thing Every Day to Help You Get Pregnant

I'm a total fan girl when it comes to the Marvel Comics superhero movies.  I've been waiting for "Avengers: Endgame"...well since the cliffhanger in last year's "Avengers: Infinity War."

They really hit it out of the park - justifying its $2 billion+ haul to date.

To my horror, a client asked if she could just watch this most recent release without seeing the previous films.

What?!?  NOOOO!!

You've gotta watch the previous Avengers movies to get into the many characters and story lines.  Otherwise, it's just an action movie with little depth.

It's actually the grand finale conclusion to 22 films.  Yes, 22.  But you don't need to watch all of them.  At minimum, Avengers:Infinity War is enough to get you up to speed.  Although I humbly submit, for maximum viewing pleasure, it's best to watch ALL of them.  🙂 (Don't judge me.)

Anyhoo...what's this got to do with fertility?

Well, it reminds me how so many of you want to skip to the end - getting the baby part.

Yes, I get that it's really hard for you not to have the thing that's most important to you at this moment.  You feel like time's running out and the window is closing fast.

But...Accept your situation as it is.  

Stop the madness of frustration, anxiety, doubt, and fear.  It gets you absolutely nowhere and, in fact, hurts your chances the longer you stay in this emotional swamp.

Accepting doesn't mean giving up though.

Rather, take stock of all the great things you have going for you.

Buy a beautiful notebook.

In your notebook, write about all the things and people you appreciate and how they make you feel.  Handwriting works much better than typing by actually rewiring your brain so don't get lazy and jot down notes on your phone.

If you do this everyday, I promise you that you'll have more bounce to your step, colors will be brighter, and you'll be happier on your journey.

Life is mostly about the in-between moments.  The "on your way there" times.  So you've gotta accept that, lean back, and enjoy the ride.

It can take as little as one day to change your attitude.  By retraining your mind to look for the positives, you'll start getting a flow of more good things happening.  And that's when you least expect it, ...

Is there more you can do?  Sure, there is.  But always keep your 10,000 feet perspective while zooming in on the details like what's covered in this article.