Are you over 35 years old? In your 40s? And not getting pregnant?

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"Julie Chang's Cracking the Egg Myth is a unique guide to the way complementary medicine can improve pregnancy outcomes for women in their late 30/early 40's. She offers experienced insight into the combined Eastern/Western approach to infertility."

- Arlene J Morales, MD, Medical Director,

Fertility Specialists Medical Group (FSMG)

You've been trying unsuccessfully for years.
You've been told that it's too late for you to get pregnant.
You want to do everything you can to improve your fertility.
But you don't know what else you can do.

It starts with guidance from a clinician with 20+ years experience in natural fertility enhancement.

Specializing in:

● poor egg quality
● low or diminished ovarian reserve
● low AMH
●high FSH
● repeated failed IVF cycles
● recurrent pregnancy losses (miscarriages)

My goal is to believe in you until YOU can believe in yourself.

You are different. That's why you're here. You need something that will work for your unique situation.


What is it?

Connect with Your Spirit Baby - Your strong desire to have a baby calls in a spirit baby who is always with you. You can connect with them in meditation to let them know how much you love them and look forward to meeting them.

Receive Guidance from Your Intuition and Spirit Guides - You already have the knowledge to get pregnant with a healthy baby. You only need to learn how to access that information for guidance on your fertility journey.

Manifest your baby - Attracting your baby into your life is much easier than changing your situation with effort and struggle. Align your frequency to your baby to call them in.


What My Wonderful Clients Say

  • After 3 failed IUI’s and 3 IVF procedures, my husband and I were devastated! I started looking into natural ways to get pregnant because something inside of me believed that we could conceive naturally. After 8 months of focus with Julie’s help, on getting healthy, we were able to conceive naturally at 42 yr. old. We now have a healthy girl!

    Christina C. 42yo
  • Julie was instrumental in helping me have not only one child, but TWO! I haven’t had a period since I was 21 years old (yes, really!). With Julie’s help, somehow I got pregnant anyway at 39 years old. My period didn’t return after my first baby so I went back to Julie. She helped me have my second baby at 41 years old. Both are beautiful, healthy girls. Each day I am reminded of how blessed I am to have found Julie.

    Melanie 41yo
  • I am officially pregnant!! I have to thank you so much for all the information & advice you've given me over the past few months. I truly believe it made a huge difference. I believe that following a lot of your advice has been the game changer! You've saved my husband & I thousands of dollars that would've gone to IVF. Thank you for restoring my belief that at age 40 & after 2 losses, that i could conceive naturally & have a successful pregnancy! Thank you & God bless you for everything you're doing for so many women just like me.

    Leshawn W. 40yo

Hi! I'm Julie Chang, Natural Fertility Eggspurt

I can’t imagine anything more rewarding than helping women like you grow your families.

It’s an honor to share the knowledge I’ve gained in over 20 years of clinical practice helping women overcome fertility issues.

My calling is to help you transform yourself so you can unlock your fertile potential. This means helping you dig deep for optimal health of the body, spirit, and mind.

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